Club History

There has been organised bowling at Hove seafront since the late 19th century, with Hove Bowling Club being formed in 1896.

Kingsway Bowling Club followed in 1925 and the two clubs co-existed for nearly 50 years, when the joined forces to become Hove & Kingsway Bowling Club in 1975.

For many years, five corporation-owned greens existed, and were well-utilised throughout the season, but falling demand saw one green (the easternmost) closed in the early 80s. With demand falling nationwide, coupled with increased demand for council funds elsewhere, two more greens were closed in 2012, with the threat of a third also closing, but decisive action from the club saw this threat alleviated, and we still have the comparative luxury of two greens, protected by enrolment in the “Fields in Trust” scheme.

Traditionally a men-only club, women were admitted as equals in 2005, and the club continues to be a mixed-club, welcoming all.

In 2021, the council received government funding for the redevelopment of the area, a  project which became known as “Kingsway to the Sea”, and sees Hove & Kingsway Bowling Club at the centre of an exciting new development, that received planning permission in late 2022, with work commencing early 2023.

Current Committee 2024

PresidentJamie Angus
ChairmanKevin Luxford
Vice-ChairmanColin Holsgrove
SecretaryDavie Peacock
Asst. SecretaryPaul Wilson
TreasurerPaul La Planche
Asst. Treasurer
Club CaptainNick Daly
Vice-CaptainJohn Stephens
Junior Vice Captain

Past Committee

2024J. AngusK. LuxfordD. PeacockN. Daly
2023J. AngusK. LuxfordD. PeacockN. Daly
2022J. AngusK. LuxfordD. PeacockN. Daly
2021D. LeeK. LuxfordD. PeacockK. Luxford
2020D. LeeK. LuxfordD. PeacockN. Daly
2019D. LeeN. DalyMrs S. DalyN. Daly
2018D. LeeN. DalyMrs S. DalyMrs V. Cluness
2017D. NewboldN. DalyMrs S. DalyMrs V. Cluness
2016D. NewboldN. DalyMrs S. DalyR. Slater
2015D. NewboldK. LuxfordMrs S. DalyR. Slater
2014Mrs. V. ClunessK. LuxfordMrs S. DalyMrs V. Cluness
2013Mrs. V. ClunessK. LuxfordMrs S. DalyMrs J. Ward
2012K. CashmanJ. AngusMrs S. Daly
2011K. CashmanF. McHughA.P. Jefferies
2010K. CashmanJ. BeirneD. ThorpeD. Thorpe
2009K. CashmanJ. BeirneD. ThorpeG. James
2008J. KroshusJ. BeirneR. ClunessT. Vine
2007J. KroshusJ. BeirneR. ClunessA.P. Jefferies
2006J. KroshusG. SandercockR. ClunessA.P. Jefferies
2005K. CashmanP.J. WilsonR. ClunessA.P. Jefferies
2004V.J.S. MinsterP.J. WilsonR. ClunessA.P. Jefferies
2003V.J.S. MinsterP.J. WilsonP.A. BakerA.P. Jefferies
2002K. CashmanB. ShillinglawP.A. BakerP.J. Wilson
2001K. CashmanD.P. NyeP.A. BakerV.J.S. Minster
2000K. CashmanR.A.E. ReeveP.A. BakerB. Shillinglaw
1999K. CashmanR.A.E. ReeveP.A. BakerT. Whittingham
1998K. CashmanR.A.E. ReeveP.A. BakerR . Ashford
1997E.J.R. BrownM. McLaffertyD.P. NyeA. Jeffries
1996E.J.R. BrownM. McLaffertyD.P. NyeR. Reeve
1995J. HolttumS. FranklinD.P. NyeB. Anslow
1994J. HolttumR. ThompsonD.P. NyeK. Fairhall
1993J. HolttumR. ThompsonD.P. NyeP.J. Wilson
1992J. HolttumR. ThompsonD.P. NyeP.J. Wilson
1991A. WallerR. ThompsonD.P. NyeE.W. Parsons
1990A. WallerR. ThompsonJ. BusheE.W. Parsons
1989A. WallerD.P. NyeJ. BusheR. Ashford
1988E. RhodesJ. HolttumJ. BusheR. Ashford
1987E. RhodesD.P. NyeJ. HolttumR. Ashford
1986E. RhodesD.P. NyeJ. Shaw/J. HolttumD. Tozer
1985E. RhodesN.A. BallR. DruryH. Glossop/A. West
1984N.A. BallS. YoungS. Young
1983T. MitchellN.A. BallS. YoungR. Colleypriest
1982G. AmessN.A. BallM. McLaffertyG. Cresswell
1981G. AmessN.A. BallM. McLaffertyW.H. Davies
1980G. AmessN.A. BallM. McLaffertyS. Harvey/K.K. Lacy
1979G. AmessW.H. GoldieA. MyersN.A. Ball
1978W.H. GoldieA. MyersW.H. Davies
1977W.H. GoldieA. MyersL. Phillips
1976E.S. SuttonA. MyersT. Mitchell
1975E.S. SuttonH. FoulkesG. Amess
1974E.S. SuttonH. FoulkesW.H. Hamel
1973L.J.E. SykesE.S. SuttonH. FoulkesW.H. Goldie
1972L.J.E. SykesE.S. SuttonH. FoulkesR. Morris
1971L.J.E. SykesE.S. SuttonH. FoulkesC. Bourne
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