Competitions and leagues

The club plays in both the Brighton & Hove District men's league and the Hove League for men and women. We also enter a number of other county and national competitions annually and play friendlies.

Everyone with membership is welcome to put their name up for selection and we make sure everyone has the opportunity to play.

Please put your name down for matches on the sign-up sheets in either the changing room or clubhouse or contact the following about taking part as we need players most weeks:

  • For the Tuesday evening Brighton and Hove men’s league contact David Peacock: email
  • The Hove League is for both men and women players. We need a team of nine that must include at least 2 women. Please contact Martin Creasey
  • Nick Daly and the bowls committee’ organise the teams for the other competitions such as Top Club, Double Fours and the Abergavenny as well as friendly matches. Contact Nick Daly: email

We also have a number of club competitions where you can play other members in singles, or team up with other members and enter the pairs and/or triples competitions. Contact Nick Daly for details - Entry forms are available from the clubhouse.

For upcoming friendly games see our calendar page.

If you want to know the basic rules of the game and some tips for playing check out the Bowls England site

Our Club Competition Rules.

For our in-house club competitions the following rules apply:

The player on the top of the draw makes all the arrangements. This includes finding a marker for singles matches, arranging dates to play and giving a choice of two rinks for the opponent to chose from.

Singles games.

Championship singles and Veteran singles: The first player to reach 21 shots wins.

Wish Win: Only open to those who have not won an in-house comp already. First to 21 wins.

Two wood singles : Highest score after 18 ends wins.

321 singles: Each end the closest bowl to the Jack gets 3 points , second closest 2 points, third closet gets 1 point . 18 ends, highest score wins.

7up singles.  1st person to 7 shots wins the set. Best of three sets.

Handicap singles: First player to 21 with handicap shots added on from the start.


Championship pairs and Mixed pairs: Highest score after 18 ends wins.

Handicap pairs. 18 ends played. Each pair add their score then the difference in handicaps is credited to the score of the pair with the lowest handicap.

321 pairs: Each end the closest bowl to the Jack gets 3 shots, second closest 2 shots, third closet gets 1 point . 18 ends

Aussie Pairs: Lead bowls 2 woods then skip bowls 4 woods, then lead bowls remaining 2 woods. Then lead and skip swap round for the next end. Winners are the pair with highest score after 18 ends.


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